Dave Child's Workshop

About Me

Hi! My name is Dave, and I've been bashing bits of wood, food, and code together since I was old enough to hold a hammer.

By day, I run Added Bytes, a product development company based in Brighton UK. We make unique tools for creative people, including:

You can also find me occasionally writing about technical stuff at AloneOnAHill.

And by night, I wrangle a small army of children, make things out of wood, experiment with food, and dabble with 3D printing.

What's This Then?

I like to make things, and I didn't have much of a record of the things I had made. I have a techie blog related to my work, but that's not the place for random recipes and woodwork projects. So this is my "I made a thing", a place where I can throw up photos, notes, design files, recipes, complaints, and lessons from my various creations.