Dave Child's Workshop

Hanging Christmas Tree - Version 2

So, we've established already that Christmas trees are out to get us and must be stopped, so my quest for the perfect alternative continues. Here's version one, just in case you need a reminder:

Hanging Christmas Tree
The original, version 1 of the hanging tree.

And here is version 2, the upgrade:

Hanging Christmas Tree 2
The next generation, Christmas Tree 2, Electric Boogaloo.

This tree features a few upgrade and improvements over the original ...

Diagonal, continuous chains: The original has chains in sections, each hanging vertically. This meant that any imperfections in the alignment of holes or screws were multiplied down the tree, making it very hard to get any shelf, especially the bottom one, level in any direction. It also meant all the weight of the lower shelves was on the top shelf, which wasn't ideal. This new tree doesn't break the chains for each shelf, instead the chains are continuous from top to bottom. So, each shelf is supported directly by the chain, rather than the shelf above. This also looks a little more Christmas-tree-esque. The downside is that you lose a small area of shelf on each side as it's hard to fit a standing decoration under the chains, but I think it's a worthwhile trade-off.

Bamboo chain capture: The original tree uses screws to capture chain links from the side, making it very slow to remove any one shelf, or dismantle the whole thing. I also wasn't a huge fan of how the brass screws looked. This tree uses lengths of bamboo going all the way through the tree. This also helps with stability, as well as making it much quicker and easier to set up and tear down.

Mitred edges: The original tree has rounded edges, and this one goes for a more refined angled look, which I much prefer.